What another good word! We have to be unselfish and show God and others that we choose to live the way He desires and what pleases Him, not what we want to do. And God needs to know that we're dependable, strong, and centered on Him. He wants us to cling to Him in everything we do. We are to be the light for this world, showing God and Jesus' love, and not what we are, because if we show just totally the kind of people we are, than no one would want to follow us, or even God, by our meager attempts at life and as selfish as we can be. So, be better, live stronger, in God, show the world there IS a REAL reason to choose God! Show them that we are a 'different' people, we live by a 'different' standard!! Because we are God's children, we SHOULD be better than the rest of the world, not like them, or want to contend with them. We are royalty, so let's act like it!!

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