I know they say sunday is the 'day of rest', but it doesn't really matter what day, whether your religion says sunday or saturday, you SHOULD take a day for God & rest in Him. It's a day that God told us to rest, because He knows the stress of life & work can get to us, & we need a day to repair ourselves, rejuvinate, before we begin again. I just wanted to point that out, that it really is important to take at least one day a week to rest & honor God.
Sometimes I know it's hard to completely sacrifice self, die to self, and give in wholly and completely to God. Especially if you have a certain problem, such as anger, drugs, etc. But, when you do, die to self, give in completely to God, He makes it all better for you!! He will satisfy all those things in you that you sought out in other ways. Doing His will is not only a good command of His to follow, because you reap the benefits, but it is also something good for you and your soul!! You will see that doing His will, will make you feel so much more worthy and important.  Have you ever done a good deed in your life and felt sorry after? Have you ever reached out and helped someone and regretted it? Exactly! That's my point! When you do good, God's good, His will, it soothes your soul!! Give in!! Let Him reign completely and wholly in your life, and whatever you do, will be for Him, and of Him, and you will be all the better for io
"Be not afraid." Words spoken by Jesus, & they have such a calming affect. "Be not afraid." Oh what words to hear! When He says do not be afraid, can you imagine the trembling in the demons and principalities as they here Him?Be not afraid. Three simple words, yet spoken by our King with such directness and power. If He said it, He meant it. We are to be calm, be not afraid, for He is with us always. It's such a comfort to hear!! So many times we worry & strife in life about tomorrow, and if we would only look to Jesus every time, He would tell us to not be afraid. He tells us that always. Because He's with us always, thru the good times, and the bad. And even though we sometimes have to face the bad, and He allows it, be comforted knowing that He is still with us and will guide you through those storms in life.
What does it mean to be faultless?? No fault whatsoever! Can you imagine living up to that standard? Well, we can!! Through Jesus Christ, that is. He says, in Jude 1:24, that He will keep us from stumbling!! Wow! What a message of hope! It means that if we remain close to God, obey His commands, & draw closer to Jesus, than Jesus will keep us from faults, and He'll even prevent us from faulting!! I desire to be faultless, what a blessing that would be! And we can have it, by being as close as we can to God, He will help us!!
Love is not just a feeling, but it is action. For us as believers, the action that most shows our love for Jesus is for us to be obedient to his words and his example. It is the way we act, towards God, that shows our love for Him. He knows our hearts. No matter what we think we can 'act' like, or 'try' to do, He knows! So, 'act' on love, 'act' on God's power & strength, and you will begin to love the Father, the way you should.
Yes, we are the body, together the whole body for God. We need to pray for and with each other, help each other through bad times, and rejoice with each other in the good. We need to fellowship, assemble together, and yes, even call out/rebuke each other when we see someone doing something against God's will, or just something wrong. We are to hold each other at a higher standard than non-christians, and that means we come together and go through what a physical body does, sometimes. If one part of the body is hurting, we try and fix it. If a part of the body is weak, we try to make it strong. That is what the body of Christ is supposed to do as well.
It's once again sunday! yay! I'm always looking forward to this particular day of the week. I love the fellowship I get with other brothers and sisters, and the preaching from our Pastor. It's such a joy to me to go into God's house and worship Him! Of course, you can worship God anywhere, and I do, but I still enjoy gathering with other christians once a week. They can help pray with you, and help lift you up unlike what anyone in this world can, it is definately different to be around God's children, than sinners.
We have already begun to see the fruits of our labor here on this site & our blog. Halleluia!! It's an awesome experience to know that so many people enjoy this site and so many are finding what they need! I just pray that more that need will come here, and to our blog and be blessed! I want to see more fruit, and eventually be able to do the many other things I know God has for me to do, in His time!! Amen & welcome!! ;-)
What is the daily devotional for today, and the scripture of the day talking about? Well, it's talking about, for one, not hanging around or entertaining ungodly people, people who aren't saved, and talking about being in God's word all the time and doing what God wants, all the time. Never what he wants for himself, but what God wants him to do. And he stays in the word, the Bible. That's a good verse for us christians, because one, it's hard when you're around a bunch of non-christians, but we don't entertain them. We are suppsed to witness to them, pray for them, but not have them in our lives. And for two, if we stay in God's Word, and listen to what He says to do, we will have a better understanding of God, and be able to get through whatever comes our way.
Prayer. So complicated a word, or is it? It shouldn't be. It should be easy for us to approach our Heavenly Father with anything. The problem is, sometimes we go to Him with prayers that He's not going to answer anyway, because they are not prayers that our His will, or good for us. Example: You pray so that you can have a bigger house, more money, a mercedes, etc., but God wants you to stay where you are, maybe to witness to your neighbors, or because some neighbor might need you, more money would only make you a bad person, not a good one, you wouldn't share your wealth, and a mercedes would just give you more problems. There are different things we have to think about when we go to Him in prayer.....is it His will?, does He want that for me, or is it just what I want?, is it something benefitting someone, or just me? Now, I'm not saying you can't go to God about yourself, ever. No, it's okay to do that. I'm just saying to be careful, and 'watch' what you're praying for or about. God loves us and wants us to be happy, but we have to understand that He knows what's best for us, and it's NOT our will, but His!