I know you've heard it said before, and probably read it, If God is for us, who can be against us? But do you believe it? Hearing or reading something and actually believing it are two different things. But just like your faith in troubled times, or your faith in believing that God is real, you must believe He will fight your battles for you. You might not always win, because God chooses you not to. And you need to remember to solely trust in Him in those times. He knows what's best. He knows the future. So give it all to Him and leave it with Him.
It's so hard, I know, to find good, christian friends. In this world of chaos, temptation and evil, even so called christians don't own up to being so. That's why we pray for God's help & guidance to find good clean friendship. He will guide you, as He does everything else in your life. You have to be very careful of who you talk with, spend time with, pray with. Some people are about gossiping, back biting, or just to cause division by trying to get you to sin with them. So, before you just jump into any kind of relationship, ask for God's wisdom & guidance to help you with the process. It's better to be alone, than be led down a wrong path, or your life made trouble.
So many times in the Bible God and Jesus tell us to help the needy. But do we do it?? It's not always about giving money. It's about helping with your time, or prayers as well. Not alot of people, especially in this economy, have money to give. But giving of your time, your prayers, even what you might have extra, a room, clothes, etc...is considered giving and can even be looked at as more important than just handing over money. Do you know someone who might need prayer?, or a ride to the grocery store?, or someone who might need their house cleaned a couple of times a week? Alll of these examples are ways we can help. I know our time and money is precious, and if you rarely have either one, then prayer is probably the best for you. Prayer is sometimes the best, because then God can help make a way when it seems impossible.
Today's scripture tells us to hold fast to what is good. Test things. It means that anything that is good, is from God, but what is not, is of course, not. We are too keep things, our thoughts, our music, our choice of television, friends, etc., good. If you are trying to follow God, then you must make sure that your life gets cleaned out. That you keep the 'bad' out as much as possible. It doesn't mean we won't ever slip or sin, but it does mean that if we keep our lives as pure as possible, we're more likely to not sin, and know exactly when we do, so we can repent as soon as possible.
Pray without ceasing. What does that mean? It means to constantly have your spirit, soul and mind in communication with God. At all times, be thinking of Him and looking to Him through your day to day activities. Draw Him close, and He will help and guide you throughout your day. Keep Him in constant touch with your life, and He will counsel you, guide you. It means to always be in touch with Your Heavenly Father, to lean on Him, to talk with Him, always.
It's not easy to be happy all the time. It's not easy to praise God through the bad times, but it's vitally important we do so. When life is at it's toughest, your fighting with your spouse, your kids are disobeying you, your job is hard, your finacial problems are at their peak, it's not easy. But we should try our best, no matter what, to praise Him through the rain. The bad times are the times when we are facing trials and tests, and those are the times God wants to see how faithful and enduring we can be. Those are the times to look to heaven and shout for joy and proclaim that He is Lord and ruler over all and how awesome of a Lord is He, that He loves us so much that He gave His Son for us!!
What another good word! We have to be unselfish and show God and others that we choose to live the way He desires and what pleases Him, not what we want to do. And God needs to know that we're dependable, strong, and centered on Him. He wants us to cling to Him in everything we do. We are to be the light for this world, showing God and Jesus' love, and not what we are, because if we show just totally the kind of people we are, than no one would want to follow us, or even God, by our meager attempts at life and as selfish as we can be. So, be better, live stronger, in God, show the world there IS a REAL reason to choose God! Show them that we are a 'different' people, we live by a 'different' standard!! Because we are God's children, we SHOULD be better than the rest of the world, not like them, or want to contend with them. We are royalty, so let's act like it!!
Patience. What a word. It's actually my oldest daughter's name. We need to have more, all the time. I know I sometimes struggle with it. In traffic, standing in line, at the Doctor's office. But, it is in those times, I have come to rely more on God, and His patience, then my own. I'm not always a very patient person, but God is. And what I lack in that department, He is truly capable of helping me learn the fruits of it. We need to be more patient with others, because we are only humans, we're not God, and therefore, we can't always be quick, and right on time. So, pray that prayer of the day, and trust in God to give you more patience with people, not totally depending on doing it yourself, because honestly, you won't be able to do it, alone. But, with God, you can!
I know we've all done it. I know we've all been through it....waiting. Waiting for a decision, or a person, or waiting in line, etc. We've all had to face waiting at some point in our lives & I think waiting on the Lord is probably one of the most difiicult. Whether it's for guidance, or an answer to prayer, or for a decision, sometimes God will make us wait until the very last minute. Until He's ready for us to hear the decision. He sometimes has us wait to learn patience, or to learn to trust Him. I know that it can get hard sometimes to wait on Him, but that's when you have to learn to pull Him in even closer & let Him know you completely trust Him, that He loves you, and has the best for you in His plans.
Well, our church finally has a website!! yay!! :-) They finally decided to get with the times & get one. I hope you go & visit it!
there are calendar of events on there,