We have already begun to see the fruits of our labor here on this site & our blog. Halleluia!! It's an awesome experience to know that so many people enjoy this site and so many are finding what they need! I just pray that more that need will come here, and to our blog and be blessed! I want to see more fruit, and eventually be able to do the many other things I know God has for me to do, in His time!! Amen & welcome!! ;-)
What is the daily devotional for today, and the scripture of the day talking about? Well, it's talking about, for one, not hanging around or entertaining ungodly people, people who aren't saved, and talking about being in God's word all the time and doing what God wants, all the time. Never what he wants for himself, but what God wants him to do. And he stays in the word, the Bible. That's a good verse for us christians, because one, it's hard when you're around a bunch of non-christians, but we don't entertain them. We are suppsed to witness to them, pray for them, but not have them in our lives. And for two, if we stay in God's Word, and listen to what He says to do, we will have a better understanding of God, and be able to get through whatever comes our way.
Prayer. So complicated a word, or is it? It shouldn't be. It should be easy for us to approach our Heavenly Father with anything. The problem is, sometimes we go to Him with prayers that He's not going to answer anyway, because they are not prayers that our His will, or good for us. Example: You pray so that you can have a bigger house, more money, a mercedes, etc., but God wants you to stay where you are, maybe to witness to your neighbors, or because some neighbor might need you, more money would only make you a bad person, not a good one, you wouldn't share your wealth, and a mercedes would just give you more problems. There are different things we have to think about when we go to Him in prayer.....is it His will?, does He want that for me, or is it just what I want?, is it something benefitting someone, or just me? Now, I'm not saying you can't go to God about yourself, ever. No, it's okay to do that. I'm just saying to be careful, and 'watch' what you're praying for or about. God loves us and wants us to be happy, but we have to understand that He knows what's best for us, and it's NOT our will, but His!
It's not just a command, it's a statement. Obedience. We are to be completely obedient to our Heavenly Father. It should always be His will, not ours. So many people have a problem with that. They want to do things their way, all the time, and then they wonder why their lives are so messed up. It's because you have went against God's will, you have disobeyed Him in some way. Now, sometimes, there are other reasons things go wrong, but for the most part, it's because we do not completely sacrifice to self and give one hundred percent to God. Start doing that, and you'll see a huge change in your life.
Like Paul, in the bible, many of us have 'thorns' that we have to deal with. I know I have one that seems to never go away. Whenever I think it's gone, BOOM!, it hits me again, and digs a little deeper! And I used to really let it get to me, but no more! Now, when that 'thorn' digs in and starts to 'stab' at me, I just take a deep breath and praise God. I'm not saying I never get mad or upset about it anymore, no, that would be lying, but as in today, when that 'thorn' tried to hurt me once again, I got angry, then depressed, for a little while. But, then I went into my prayer room and prayed. I talked with God and asked God to help me get through it once again, and like always, He gave me the peace I needed to calm down and know that I will get through it like I always do! You may have a 'thorn' for the rest of your life, but you also have God, and He's here to help you!!
I know, on sunday, the majority of people that go to church, like to get all dressed up and go and talk with their friends and think that just because they're going, that's enough. No, it's not. Are you going to really worship God and get your spirit fed? That is the main purpose of going to church. To assemble together, christians to pray for each other, to lift each other up, and to hear the word of God, and to worship Him. Actually those last two things should be done every day of the week. It shouldn't just be done on sunday, and then not again until the next sunday. Church isn't about 'show'. In the bible, the scriptures say we are to hear the word of God preached and to assemble together. I know when I haven't went, I feel 'out of it' all week, or until I do go again. I think it's because we need that extra 'push' to help us for the week ahead. Assembling ourselves together is a good way to refresh your spirit, get prayer, be equally yoked with other christians, having God in common helps us get the strength we need to make it through. It's also to be fed, spiritually, by our Pastors, and to worship God. I'm not saying it's not okay to go and have a good time. We are supposed to enjoy church. What I am saying is, it's not about going just to make an appearance, pay your portion of tithes, and then you're 'done' for the week. No, it's for so much more. Now, if you can't/don't go for whatever reason, God understands, but it's important to have a home church, if you're a christian. It really is. It gives us what we need to face the week ahead and keeps us in line, most of the time.It's an important part of being a christian, and I know there are alot of people that feel they don't have to go just because they're a christian, not so, really. No, you won't go to hell if you don't go, I'm NOT saying that, but it's vital that you do! You will be more lifted up spiritually, you will have assembled together to have that fellowship with other christians, you have been fed, as you need to be, and some of the most powerful prayers have been answered from church, because, where two or more agree. As I stated before, if you can't go, that's a different story, God does understand, but you then need to get some tapes, videos, or read sermons or watch them online, etc. There are resources, thankfully, many of them for christians today to hear the word of God. Even, most churches tape their weekly sermons. Call different churches and ask. Some are free, and some cost just a little bit, but it is VITAL that as a christian, your spirit be fed.Of course, we are trying as well here on this website to help, too. That is why we felt led to do this, but make sure if you DO go to church, it's God time, not your time that you put forth.
You know, Jesus commands us to not hoard our wealth, to feed and clothe the poor, to help the needy, and not store up treasures here on this earth. But, how many people honestly do this? If everyone who has extra, gave that extra, instead of spending it on frivolous things, that they don't need anyway, I don't think the world would be in such a bad shape as it is. People are so selfish, and greedy! Don't they get that the bible talks about how they will be rewarded greatly for giving? I would rather get my rewards in heaven then here on this earth where they will rot and decay, but in heaven, will stay forever perfect. Give to a local church, or charity, or if you know someone that is down and out, help them! Don't worry about what they are doing with the money, God will deal with them, if they are not sincere, but you will be held accountable by God if you don't help. If you don't have mon
If you're like me, it's hard to just walk up to a stranger & start witnessing, sharing the word of God. But, for one, God can help you with that, just ask Him, He has helped me overcome my fear, somwhat. I'm still a 'work in progress'. :-) I don't like to go up to groups. But, I can do individuals now, & I used to be scared to. Also, witnessing can be in other ways, as God has showed me this. Like, what me & my husband are doing here, or being an example to follow. People usually watch you, especially if you claim to be a christian. & if you are a good christian, one to lead by example, making sure God is first in your life, then they will want what you have. Other ways, which I have done witnessing, are going to nursing homes or hospitals & spending time with people who don't get any visitors, also  I have been known to leave little bibles & tracks around businesses. In shopping carts, or on their bulletins, stuff like that. These are all ways we can be witnesses for Christ, & I'm sure there are more, but these are ways I have, especially when I used to be really shy about approaching people. There are ways, & maybe you can come up with new ones, on how to share God's word & message. We need to reach more people. It's our duty, as christians, to at least try. Once you've witnessed,. then it's up to that person. You're not held responsible for their choice, but you are held responsible for not giving them that choice!
The Rich Young Ruler 
Luke 18:18-23

Three of the four gospels contain an account of the young man who asked Jesus a very important question: "What shall I do to inherit eternal life?" (v. 18). A ruler with great wealth, he considered himself a moral man because he had kept God's commandments.

However, he was operating under the false assumption that good works bring salvation. He seemed to be asking Jesus what else he had to do to secure his place in heaven—besides all the good things he'd already accomplished.

This is what I refer to as the "great deception"—the false belief that eternal life can be earned through our own efforts. If we give credence to this lie, then we do not understand the problem of our sin and how it separates us from God. Scripture tells us that we have inherited a sinful nature from the first man (Rom. 5:12). Ever since that time, humanity has been in rebellion against the Lord and under His judgment. There is nothing we can do to pay for our sin. If this were the end of the story, we would be a people without hope for today or the future. But the good news is that the heavenly Father recognized our plight and mercifully provided the way to heaven (John 14:6).

When God made us in His image, He created us to live forever. So, though our earthly body will perish, our spirit will never die. The question about eternal life is important, as we'll spend eternity either with God in heaven or in an insufferable state, separated permanently from Him (Matt. 25:34, 41).
The Apostle Paul wrote to show the superiority of Christ over all-over all human philosophies, traditions, personalities, and accomplishments. He wrote to remind Christians of what they already possess in Christ. He wants us to understand that everything we need, in Christ, we have—everything! All the freedom, security, acceptance, affection, approval, validation, protection, cleansing, righteousness and rescue we crave, in Christ, we already own. This frees us to live a life of radical generosity, risk, sacrifice, courage and loss. Because our identity, worth,  and value doesn't depend on our success, but Christ's success for us, we can live life going to the back not getting to the front.  We're free, in other words, to become small.

Paul's goal is to help us see the infinite supremacy and beauty of Jesus so we would be able to resist looking to anything smaller for the freedom and fullness we long for.

The lines below are from Malcolm Muggeridge (1903-1990)- Muggeridge was a British journalist who, later in life, became a winsome defender of the Christian faith (if you have never heard his debate from the 1960's with the atheist Charles Templeton, track it down somehow-it is wildly entertaining). Muggeridge's unique journalistic perspective on 20th century world history (he lived it and wrote about it) and the preeminence of Christ is both true and poetic.

He wrote this in the 1970's. Enjoy…

We look back upon history, and what do we see? Empires rising and falling, revolutions and counterrevolutions, wealth accumulated and wealth disbursed. Shakespeare has written of the rise and fall of great ones, that ebb and flow with the moon.

I look back upon my own fellow countrymen (Great Britain), once upon a time dominating a quarter of the world, most of them convinced, in the words of what is still a popular song, that ‘the God who made them mighty, shall make them mightier yet.'

I've heard a crazed, cracked Austrian (Hitler) announce to the world the establishment of a Reich that would last a thousand years. I have seen an Italian clown (Mussolini) say he was going to stop and restart the calendar with his own ascension to power. I've heard a murderous Georgian brigand in the Kremlin (Stalin), acclaimed by the intellectual elite of the world as being wiser than Solomon, more humane than Marcus Aurelius, more enlightened than Ashoka.

I have seen America wealthier and, in terms of military weaponry, more powerful than the rest of the world put together-so that had the American people so desired, they could have outdone a Caesar, or an Alexander in the range and scale of their conquests.

All in one lifetime, all in one lifetime, all gone! Gone with the wind!

England, now part of a tiny island off the coast of Europe, threatened with dismemberment and even bankruptcy. Hitler and Mussolini dead, remembered only in infamy. Stalin a forbidden name in the regime he helped found and dominate for some three decades. America haunted by fears of running out of those precious fluids that keeps their motorways roaring, and the smog settling, with troubled memories of a disastrous campaign in Vietnam, and the victories of the Don Quixote's of the media as they charged the windmills of Watergate.

All in one lifetime, all in one lifetime, all gone! Gone with the wind!

Behind the debris of these solemn supermen, and self-styled imperial diplomatists, there stands the gigantic figure of One: because of whom, by whom, in whom, and through whom alone, mankind may still have peace-the person of Jesus Christ.

I present him as the way, the truth, and the life. Do you know Him?