Our Lords Will Ministry

An online ministry set to share the word of Jesus Christ. We are here for counseling, prayer, someone to talk with. We are here to share the gospel with anyone who wants to hear and learn. If you can't go to church, or won't, for whatever reason, that is why we are here! With weekly sermons, daily prayers, daily scriptures, and other tools to help you in your walk with God. We are commited to sharing the gospel. We offer prayer, & counseling, free! If you have been looking for a church, but haven't found one, because of your situation, or if you are just in need of prayer, or just want more of God,we're here to help! Our goal is to help you in your walk with God as your online ministry. We know that sometimes people are going through things and we are here to help. We are here to preach the word, and counsel. We are here to share God's message for all who want to learn. We are here to do the work of Our Lord and saviour, Jesus Christ.
You can contact us anytime at: